The Tazeka range comprises 17 highly sophisticated blends of organic or wild-crafted essential oils.  The packaging is divine – little phials that looked for all the world as if they’d been dropped by fairies, or fallen out of a treasure chest from the 1001 Nights. I admit, there was a part of me that wondered if they might be all style and no substance but no. These things work, they really do.  Trust me, I have tried endless aromatherapy products and these are the real deal.

aroma-tazekaThere are blends for all sorts of common problems – from PMS to headaches, from insomnia to a stuffed up nose. If you want to deepen your meditation or yoga practice, you might like Meditation Guru or Nonstop Thoughts.  If you’re travelling you totally utterly can’t leave without Travel Companion.  And if you want to unleash your inner love god or goddess, Aphrodite and Ares will be your willing partners.